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Physical Therapy for an Injured Rotator Cuff

Shoulder injuries can quickly cause everyday tasks to become difficult. If you are experiencing pain in your shoulder, you may be dealing with a rotator cuff injury. If this is the case, our team at United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy is here to help. We offer physical therapy in Commack to help our patients recover from any injury they may face.

Symptoms of Injured Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is an important group of muscles surrounding the shoulder joint that stabilize the shoulder and keep it aligned. Injuries to the shoulder rotator cuff can occur as we age, but those that perform overhead activities repeatedly can potentially suffer from them. Should you sustain a rotator cuff injury, physical therapy in Commack is a great option for treatment. Our team can help you find relief from the symptoms associated with these injuries, including weakness and pain in the shoulder, reduced range of motion, swelling, and inflammation. Rotator cuff injuries can fall into the following categories:

  • Tendinitis - Caused by overuse of the rotator cuff.

  • Bursitis - Inflammation of the bursae that sits between the shoulder bones and the rotator cuff tendons.

  • Strains and Tears - Caused by overuse or an acute injury like a car accident, fall, or other sudden injuries.

It is important to keep in mind that while physical therapy in Commack cannot heal a torn rotator cuff tendon, it does strengthen the muscles in the shoulder and restores shoulder mechanics.

Physical Therapy for Injured Rotator Cuff

While these injuries can be avoided most of the time, there is always the possibility of injury. If you injure your rotator cuff, our team is here to help. Our physical therapy in Commack can help you eliminate pain and restore your range of motion. Through therapeutic exercises and stretches, we promote healing in the rotator cuff. Some of the benefits of choosing physical therapy include:

  • Restored stability in the shoulder joint.

  • Increased range of motion and flexibility.

  • Reduced swelling and inflammation.

  • Lowered risk of future injury.

If you require surgery for your rotator cuff injury, physical therapy can help you during the recovery process.

Contact Us

At United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy, our goal is to keep our patients as strong as possible. If you are dealing with an injury to your rotator cuff, getting the help of a physical therapist can ensure you make a full recovery. To schedule your first session, contact our team today!


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