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Most Common Types Of Workers’ Compensation Injuries

While some are fortunate enough to spend their entire career without sustaining an injury in the workplace, others are not so lucky. In the year 2017, over 2.8 million people suffered injuries while they were on the clock. If you have recently filed for workers’ compensation due to injury, our team at United Rehab Physical Therapy will be there to assist in the recovery process. We offer treatment for the most common types of workers’ compensation injuries, which have been listed out below.


Injuries caused by overexertion are amongst the most common in the workplace. They are typically found in jobs that require construction, factory work, or other forms of physical labor. Overexertion injuries take place when an employee tries to lift, push, or pull an object that forces their muscles or joints to move outside of their normal range of motion.

Quick Tip To Avoid This: Your back is usually the part of the body affected by overexertion injuries. To avoid them from taking place, always lift, push, or pull using your legs as opposed to your back.

Slips, Trips, And Falls

Every when you’re not in the workplace, these three occurrences can have you suffering gruesome injuries. As an employee, wet floors or snowy walkways will be the most likely culprits for slips, trips, and falls. Security workers, groundskeepers, and store clerks are the employees most likely to be affected by these.

Quick Tip To Avoid This: Always wear footwear that has proper traction. Shoes with a good grip will help you stay upright and avoid injury.

Transportation Injuries

Injuries sustained in a transportation accident can be devastating, and in some cases, fatal. Truck drivers are typically the ones who need to worry about these types of injuries, however, any employees who drive on the road for business purposes are susceptible to them.

Quick Tip To Avoid This: Always emphasize defensive driving. You can’t always anticipate what another driver will do, but you can always ensure you’re engaging in safe practices on the road.

Exposure To An Unsafe Working Environment

As an employee, you never expect your employer to put you in harm’s way. Unfortunately, many employees face this reality each day. An unsafe working environment occurs when an employee is unable to perform their job due to the physical conditions of the workplace being too dangerous. These dangerous conditions that can cause injuries to occur can include:

  • Exposed wiring.

  • Broken equipment.

  • Asbestos.

  • Other hazardous materials.

Quick Tip To Avoid This: When you believe working conditions have become unsafe, bring it to the attention of your employer immediately. If they do not make the necessary changes, you can file a complaint with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

At United Rehab Physical Therapy, your care is always our top priority. We know that even if you follow our tips to avoid common workers’ compensation injuries, accidents can still occur. When this happens, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our offices! With a wealth of services at our disposal, we guarantee we have the perfect treatment for you.

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