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Can a Physical Therapist Help Me After a Slip And Fall?

Cold and icy winter conditions typically are common stimulants for slip and fall injuries. Customarily, older adults have an even greater risk of suffering a slip and fall. This could lead to broken bones, sprained ankles, or wrists, knee damage, spine and nerve damage, injuries to the head or neck, or a traumatic brain injury. One out of every three Americans aged 65 and older suffers a slip and fall every year. United Rehab Physical therapy in Ronkonkoma will help you rehabilitate from a fall and further prevent a fall from occurring.

What Causes a Fall?

Many different factors could potentially lead to a slip and fall. A few of these factors usually include some of the following:

  • Environmental factors - This could include wet or uneven floors, icy conditions, poorly lit rooms, loose carpets, etc.

  • Impaired vision - Poor eyesight can put you at risk of colliding with objects that you were unable to detect.

  • A decrease in exercise- Most people as they age slowly begin to stop going to the gym and exercising. This often results in a loss of balance, poor coordination, reduced muscle strength and flexibility, and decreased bone mass.

  • Chronic diseases - Some conditions are known to cause weakness in extremities, and poor grip strength as well as issues with balancing, and cognitive abilities.

A few of these factors are preventable with the proper safety treatments. United Rehab Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma will help you be prepared and help educate you on how to prevent these injuries from developing.

What Can You Do Today?

Make sure that your home is clean and clear of any possible obstacles or debris. This will considerably decrease the possibility of a slip and fall. Make sure to also do some of the following:

  • Clean up spills immediately.

  • Keep cabinets and drawers shut after use.

  • Cover loose cables and cords in walkways.

  • Replace light bulbs.

  • Replace any loose or worn flooring.

Preventing an injury in your home will decrease your chances of a slip and fall, but will not fully prepare you for prevention. United Rehab’s Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma offers a Safe Steps, fall prevention, and balance rehabilitation program. We can help rehabilitate and educate you on fall prevention, as well as, strength, gait and balance training. Contact us at (631) 389-4650, or visit our website to book a free consultation today!

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