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Getting Your Body Ready For Spring Sports

With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, it’s easy to want to jump outside and start competing at full throttle now that spring has arrived. However, if you took the winter off from training, doing so can end your season before it truly begins. To avoid injuries this spring sports season, you’ll need to get back into game shape before playing at a high level. At United Rehab Physical Therapy, we want to see all athletes excel this spring. By following our tips for getting your body ready for spring sports, you’ll be able to stay healthy and increase your athletic output this season!

Start Slow, But Stay Consistent

If you were one of the many athletes that took off this winter season, trying to go back to playing at full force right away is foolish. Your body needs time to get back into the groove exerting itself day in and day out. By training at a slow pace 3-4 times a week, you’ll be able to get your baseline athleticism back. Increasing the intensity bit by bit each week leading up to the spring will get you back into game shape in a safe and injury-free manner.

Don’t Practice In Pain

Whether it be in the heart of a season, or in the weeks leading up to one, training or competing while dealing with pain will cause problems. Listening to your body and resting when it is in pain will help mitigate the chances of an injury taking place. It is especially true if you were dormant for the entirety of winter and are now just reentering an exercise program.


Becoming more and more common each year, cross-training is the perfect way to get your body ready for the rigors of spring sports. Cross-training allows your entire body to receive a workout, as opposed to just honing in on one specific muscle group. This training will help with overall conditioning and give you an advantage over your competition. Examples of activities you can partake in to get ready for spring sports include:

  • Running.

  • Cycling.

  • Kickboxing.

  • Weight training.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

There is no need to be hard on yourself if you decided to take winter off from training. As an athlete, it is necessary to give your mind and body time to rest and recover. However, when you choose to do this, you must remember it will take time to get back into peak athletic shape. Being discouraged with your results after only one or two weeks will make your training process unpleasant, and may end up hindering your results. Cutting yourself some slack and trusting the process of training will help you stay focused and engaged.

Visit United Rehab Physical Therapy

It’s easy to pick up minor injuries during your training for your spring sports. While you may be tempted to push through them, this can lead to the injury becoming worse and potentially season-ending. To limit the chance of this occurring, make an appointment with our team the second you begin to feel pain. We’ll administer top-notch physical therapy to get you healed up and stronger than ever, allowing you to continue getting your body ready for the upcoming sports season.

With the winter coming to a close, it’s time to start getting ready for the spring sports season. By following the advice we laid out, you’ll be able to get the most out of your training so you can be ready to compete this spring! If you have questions about any of the methods we listed, or are looking for more ways to get your body ready for spring sports, please contact our knowledgeable staff today!

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