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Common Winter Sports Injuries

Winter is the time of the year that provides opportunities to participate in sports such as snowboarding, skiing, sledding, ice-skating, and hockey. They are a great way to stay in shape when the weather is cold. Although these sports are fun and exciting, they have their physical risks. Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from winter sports injuries every year. If you are just one of those people, know that United Rehab Physical Therapy in Commack is here to help!

Common winter sports injuries:

  • Concussion

  • Ankle Sprains

  • Knee Injury

  • Dislocated Shoulder

  • Spinal Injuries

Winter sports injuries can be prevented if you are cautious and plan. Before participating in a winter sport it is important to get plenty of rest, wear layers, warm up by stretching or with light exercise, and use protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, and padding. It is also important to pay attention to the weather, especially if you are skiing or snowboarding. A drop in temperature, high winds, heavy and wet snow can set you up for a disaster. We advise our clients to be fully aware of their surroundings to avoid any potential slips and falls.

How to prevent an injury during a winter sport:

  • Do not participate alone.

  • Abide by the rules of the sport.

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings.

Physical therapy is crucial for sports injury recovery which is why it is important to find a good physical therapy practice. United Rehab Physical Therapy is the perfect place for physical therapy in Commack because they are helping their patients rebuild their strength every step of the way. Their goal is to relieve your pain and renew your health. Their therapists are highly skilled and trained in sports injuries. One of the treatments they use is called Game Ready. This technology combines Compression Therapy and Cold Therapy to decrease swelling, inflammation, muscle spasms, and Edema. It improves blood flow, tissue repair, and lymphatic drainage. This will help your sports injury heal faster and will help put you on the road to getting back on the playing field. For more information and to book an appointment with a no-fee consultation, contact United Rehab Physical Therapy today! Do not wait to experience life-changing physical therapy in Commack! Call (631) 389-4650!

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