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AlterG in Suffolk County

Are you preparing for major surgery and wondering how you are going to recover? Have you recently undergone surgery and are looking for physical therapy in Ronkonkoma? Have you sustained a leg injury and need to find ways to get yourself moving again? United Rehab Physical Therapy can help! Our facility is equipped with state of the art AlterG treadmill equipment! It can help our patients recover from injuries or surgeries they may have recently experienced. An AlterG treadmill is not an ordinary treadmill, it has been engineered to reduce the amount of pressure that is put on your muscles and joints when you run. This advanced technology is great for helping patients who have undergone surgery and need to rehabilitate their injury.

How AlterG Works:

The first step to using AlterG is getting into the treadmill. You put on a pair of neoprene shorts which then zips into the bubble of the treadmill. After you put the shorts on you step into the middle of the treadmill and are zipped into the bubble at waist height and a seal is created. Next, the treadmill will measure your weight so it can calibrate the amount of pressure for your body, The machine uses “unweighing technology” to eliminate excess pressure when you exercise and makes patients feel like they’re running on air.

Benefits And Uses Of AlterG:

AlterG treadmills present a great and unique opportunity in terms of rehabilitation and this technology can be used to help individuals with all kinds of injuries and ailments that they may encounter.

  • Amputee patients can practice running and walking with their prosthetic limb.

  • Avid long-distance runners can use this technology to train without worrying about excessive damage to joints and ligaments.

  • It allows for greater gait analysis and data collection so your therapist can get a more in-depth look at issues you may be having with the way you run.

  • Athletes who have experienced injuries can recover faster.

  • Athletes can practice a better range of motion for running with reduced body weight.

Physical Therapy In Ronkonkoma:

United Rehab Physical Therapy is located in Suffolk County and we now offer AlterG treatment at our practice. There have been many studies that have proven the effectiveness of using anti-gravity treadmills and we want to use this technology to help you recover! If you or a loved one have experienced a traumatic injury or are undergoing surgery, AlterG is a great option for your recovery. We will work diligently to diagnose and treat your issues and get you back to full strength in no time! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment you can call our toll free line at 1-833-2- HANDS-ON-PT, or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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