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Football Injury Prevention

physical therapy in Ronkonkoma

The overall goal of United Rehab Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma is to relieve any type of discomfort for our patients in an effort to boost their recovery process. Especially during football season, we understand that injuries are likely to occur due to the violent nature of the sport. Through our “Hands-On” approach, we’re confident that we can rehabilitate any sports injury that our patients develop. This Physical Therapy Month, if you find yourself in need of physical therapy in Ronkonkoma, our staff is here to help you!

Common football injuries?

  • Knee injuries are the most common types of conditions football players experience, especially when it affects the ACL or PCL. These injuries can impact one’s ability to walk properly and potentially end a career if not treated right away.

  • Shoulder injuries are also common to football players when it comes to playing defense or offense. Similar to knee injuries, physical therapy is an excellent treatment option for those looking to nurse their shoulders to full health.

  • Concussions are another common injury experienced in football. Due to the physicality of the sport, those who suffer from this head injury could suffer symptoms such as loss of consciousness, lack of focus, nausea, drowsiness, balance, and blurry vision.

  • Overuse injuries such as lower back pain or upper back pain are fairly common to anyone that plays a certain sport. The causes can be due to increased stress on the body from being tackled, playing through injuries, or spinal issues.

How can physical therapy in Ronkonkoma help?

Physical therapy can help reduce the pain in your body by strengthening muscle tissues, ligaments, fragment areas, connective tissue, cartilage, and tendons. To reduce pain, we have a variety of different treatments that can be incorporated into your plan in order to improve your symptoms and get you feeling better. These treatments include a few of the following:

  • Electrical muscle stimulation.

  • Cryotherapy/cold compression therapy.

  • Moist heat therapy.

  • Ultrasound therapy.

  • Cold laser therapy.

  • Spinal decompression therapy.

  • Therapeutic exercise.

  • Hand therapy.

  • Balance rehabilitation.

  • Manual therapy.

Contact us!

United Rehab Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma is a great source for treatment and recovery from any injury. Contact our staff today to make an appointment! We believe that getting your situations resolved with minimal stress and maximum efficiency is the key to a strong treatment plan. Please visit our website today for more information.

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