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Getting Ready for Summer Lacrosse

Getting Ready for Summer Lacrosse

Anyone who has played lacrosse knows how taxing it can be on your body. The constant change in speed, use of muscle strength, and attention to strategy throughout a game can be exhausting. Enduring this for an entire season can leave your body feeling fatigued and overworked, lending yourself to an increased chance for injury. That is why proper preparation is key for a healthy and productive season. Here are some useful exercises that can help strengthen and prepare your body for the upcoming season:

  • Jumping rope - One of the best “bang for your buck” exercises, jumping rope can be very helpful when it comes to building up endurance.

  • Hill sprints - Not only does this exercise challenge your endurance, but athletes are forced to utilize their strength to propel up the hill.

  • Plank - Lacrosse is all about using the core. That’s why it’s highly suggested to perform planks to help increase your core strength. In addition, a good core can help prevent back pain and other related conditions.

  • Cable chop - If you’ve been looking to increase strength in your speed shot, try incorporating some cable chops into your strength training routine. It can help build up arm strength and improve the power of your shot.

  • Long distance running - Running long distances can help increase your cardio stamina. Most often, lacrosse players focus solely on sprints as their endurance training. Long distance running is the other component of cardio that can improve your stamina and keep you going throughout the entire game.

Common Injuries

Lacrosse is usually categorized as a moderate risk sport. The main types of injuries players typically face are bruises, sprains, and strains. That being said, there are many more intense injuries that can occur. These injuries include:

  • Knee injuries - ACL tears

  • Shin splints

  • Concussions

  • Abrasions

  • Cardiac arrhythmia

It can be agreed that the goal of any athlete is to prevent injuries before they happen. Prevention can range from incorporating different stretching routines before a practice or game to seeking the help of a physical therapist to target and strengthen problem areas. It’s recommended that lacrosse players follow these steps to help prevent injuries:

  1. Warm-up properly by incorporating a stretching routine

  2. Be proactive in your conditioning all-year-round, especially during the off-season

  3. Allow your body some time to rest

  4. Report any injuries or pain you might be feeling

By taking these steps to prepare for the season, you can help eliminate your chances of injury.

Contact Us

At United Rehab Physical Therapy, we offer a wide range of physical therapy treatments specifically designed for athletes. We use a hands-on approach to physical therapy to help relieve pain and promote a stronger self. If you are an athlete and are looking to prepare for the upcoming season, contact us at United Rehab Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment.

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