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Physical Therapy for Car Accidents

​physical therapy in Shirley

Car accidents can be a lot to deal with, especially if you’ve sustained injuries. In the U.S., there are millions of car accidents every year with many of them resulting in injury or death. If you’ve been severely injured and are actively trying to get back to your normal self, physical therapy in Shirley is your answer. While many of the visible injuries such as cuts and bruises can be treated over time, there are other internal injuries that require the assistance of a physical therapist. If you’ve been involved in a car crash and need treatment, United Rehab Physical Therapy can help you today.

Injuries from a Car Crash

There are many injuries one can sustain as a result of a car crash. Injuries can range from broken bones and fractures to cuts and bruises. Here are some injuries that are common to crash accidents:

  • Head and back injuries - These are perhaps the most severe type of injuries seen in car crashes usually requiring extensive care.

  • Neck and chest injuries - One of the most common neck injuries is whiplash, treatable by our physical therapy in Shirley.

  • Arms and legs - The arms and legs are often the most exposed areas during car crashes.

  • Emotional distress - The emotional impact of a car accident is often quite a lot to deal with and can take counseling to handle in some cases.

Treatment of Injuries through Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be immensely beneficial to car crash victims. As noted, car crashes often lead to a multitude of “invisible injuries” and these injuries often lead to tightness or tears in muscles. Physical therapy precisely deals with nursing these injured muscles back to health. A commonly treated injury is whiplash, where the neck muscles are often torn or pulled and require physical therapy. Common procedures our practice might utilize include posture control, neck rotation, and strengthening exercises. Physical therapists are able to treat a variety of injuries such as muscle and joint injuries, and neurological ailments.

If you have been seriously injured from a car crash, do not wait to get the treatment you need. We will specifically foster a plan to meet your desired needs, and we will have you nursed back to help in the most quality-oriented way. We have helped thousands of patients resolve their injuries and look forward to doing so for you today. Call us today to schedule an appointment or consultation with our physical therapy in Shirley.

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