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“Spring" Your Posture Back Into Shape!

There are a variety of exercises and activities you can do this spring to help nurse your body back into shape. With the weather warming up, it’s important to engage your body in different activities, and spring is the best time to get into shape as you want your body and posture to be ready for the summer! Engaging in simple exercises can be that extra step in helping improve your posture and health. Here are a some easy activities you can do this spring:

  • Spring sports - Spring sports, like baseball, are great for helping your body get in shape while also enjoying a fun activity! Make the most of the sunshine and get out on the field!

  • Outdoor yoga - Yoga is an excellent way to improve both your physical and mental health. While yoga is an activity that can be performed indoors or outdoors, why not take your mat outside this spring for added benefits?

  • Running - Going out for a mild jog can do wonders for your body. Benefits include shedding extra pounds, reduced stress, and less tension in the body. Whether it’s on a track, around your neighborhood, or at the gym, running or walking at least one mile is extremely beneficial to your health.

  • Weight lifting - While lifting weights may be a bit challenging for novices in the beginning, it is one of the most effective ways to getting your body in shape for the warm weather. In addition, strengthening your muscles can reduce the chance of future sprains or tears.

Simple activities and exercises can not only provide you with a polished physique, but it also improves your health and can improve your posture as well. Your posture can affect your spine in a multitude of ways, namely, adding tension to spinal columns and the discs. Using exercise to help perfect your posture is just another added benefit of getting active this spring.

If you’ve been injured and need our help, United Rehab Physical Therapy is here to give you world-class care!

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