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What Is a Brachial Plexus Injury?

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If you are an athlete or just an active person, you are more likely to suffer from injury than the average person. An injury, such as brachial plexus trauma, could be both minor or very serious. United Rehab Physical Therapy can get you quality treatment so you can get back to your active life as quickly as possible! If you are searching for physical therapy in Shirley, visit us today to make an appointment!

What Is a Brachial Plexus Injury?

  • The brachial plexus is a vast array of nerves that all interlocked together in a network that stretches from your spinal cord all the way up to your shoulders and into your arms. An injury happens when these nerves described are pulled apart or pushed together in an extreme manner.

  • In most serious cases the nerves could be completely torn from the spinal cord.

  • Brachial plexus injuries are very common in contact sports such as football. Sometimes in minor cases, these injuries are called stingers.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Brachial Plexus Injury?

You may experience many different symptoms when dealing with a brachial plexus injury. If you are suffering from the below symptoms, our physical therapy in Shirley can help you today!

  • In minor cases, a feeling of tingling or burning will run down your arm or the injured area.

  • Numbness or weakness in the arm or the affected area can also be felt. However, these symptoms normally only last a couple of minutes, but for some people, it can last a couple of days.

  • When the nerves are completely torn in a more traumatic injury, you could experience a complete lack of control or the inability to move your arms or shoulders.

Know When To See A Specialist

  • If you keep feeling a burning or tingling sensation after an extended amount of time.

  • Excessive weakness in your hand, arms, or shoulders.

  • Neck pain.

  • Feeling symptoms on both sides of your body.

Minor cases will go away with rest, but if you feel persistent pain, seeking help is the best choice you have.

A physical therapist is vital for helping treat the cause of your pain. A physical therapist can identify muscle weaknesses and help you maintain flexibility and strength. If you are looking for physical therapy in Shirley to help you get back on your feet from a brachial plexus injury, visit United Rehab Physical Therapy and start your path to a better recovery.

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