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Treating Radiculopathy

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Treating Radiculopathy

Radiculopathy is the result of a pinched nerve in the spine and can cause numerous health problems or symptoms such as pain, weakness, and numbness in the back. Typically, radiculopathy can be treated without the utilization of surgery. However, without proper physical therapy, conditions may worsen. It is important to maximize your recovery so no further health problems arise due to radiculopathy. If you are searching for a physical therapist in Shirley, United Rehab Physical Therapy offers top of the line physical therapy for treating radiculopathy. Below is a detailed explanation of what radiculopathy exactly is, a list of radiculopathy symptoms, and how our physical therapist would go about treating radiculopathy issues.

The spine is an S-shape which depicts a healthy back, this curvature in the spine is responsible for shock absorption, balance, and all forms of movement. There are 33 vertebrae each equipped with an intervertebral disc that prevents vertebrae from coming together and causing pain and friction. In the event of an injury, these discs can become damaged and directly cause compression and aggravation of a nerve root in the area. Radiculopathy can be a result of an injury such as a herniated disc, bones spurs, sciatica, and compression fractures. However, other factors can just depend on the aging process, incorrect posture, improper lifting techniques, being overweight, and overall physical demeanor.

What are the symptoms?

Because nerves extending from the spinal cord extend to all over the body many people experience different symptoms, symptoms may be identified more easily depending on the exact location of the injury. There are three types of easily identifiable conditions that correlate with specific symptoms.

  • Cervical radiculopathy - occurs in the event that the neck is extremely compressed. Symptoms include discomfort in the neck, shoulder upper back or arm. Typically pain is experienced on one side of the body.

  • Thoracic radiculopathy - a person may have exposure to pain in the mid-chest area and mid-back this is the most uncommon form of radiculopathy and symptoms include burning or fire like feeling in the ribs or abdomen and numbness and tingling.

  • Lumbar radiculopathy - a person may be aware of pain in the lower back, legs and hip areas. Also known as sciatica, symptoms often worsen as one sits for a long period of time and worsen from coughing. In addition, numbness and tingling occur and could extend through your legs or feet.

How can a Physical Therapist Treat It?

  • Physical therapy can help diagnose your exact problem and tailor a specific treatment plan to benefit your recovery.

  • Plan your care, creating short and long-term goals to accomplish the betterment of your health.

  • Teach you exercises that benefit you that you can easily do at home.

  • Preventions so that the injury does not happen again pertaining to radiculopathy, for example, Maintaining good posture, proper lifting techniques, developing core strength and stretching exercises that would benefit your back.

If you suffer from radiculopathy or have been through a back injury, speak up and seek the help of our physical therapist in Shirley, NY. United Rehab Physical Therapy is your best option for optimal recovery! Contact us today to make an appointment or for a consultation or call at (631) 204 6190.

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