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How to Make 2019 the Best Year Yet!

With 2019 finally upon us, it’s time to get ourselves ready for an exciting new year. A common theme with most resolutions is putting previous mishaps in the past and beginning the new year with an annual fresh start. It’s particularly commonplace for new resolutions to involve a commitment to better health. That being said, this goal often easier said than done. Lack of motivation could undoubtedly be a factor, but perhaps what’s holding you back is injury-related.

Often, debilitating conditions such as arthritis and joint-related discomfort are what abstains us from being able to workout consistently. Thankfully, there are specific exercises you can incorporate to build up durability in the joints. Examples of these activities can include the following:

  • Water activities - Exercises conducted in the pool are highly beneficial for your body. Also, these exercises typically cause less stress on the joints when compared to workouts done in the gym. When comparing water walking versus walking around the block, water walking usually builds more muscle and forces the body to make an extra effort, increasing the effectiveness.

  • Yoga - Anyone that has arthritis or joint pain will benefit tremendously from yoga. The exercise is often associated with its ability to help build up flexibility and mobility. Warming up your body for future training with yoga should concede an innumerable amount of benefits.

  • Strength training - Little doubting the benefits of strength training, but understanding your limitations is essential. Over-exerting yourself to lift weights above your present level will only do more harm than good. Get yourself to your ideal weight for each exercise: something that is challenging but won’t cause you any physical harm.

  • Chores around the house - Engaging household tasks will not only benefit you physically but perhaps mentally as well. Simple chores such as gardening, cleaning, and others can bring about strong mental health and give you a comfortable environment. Gardening itself has been known to burn calories and release the hormone dopamine, giving it strong health-related benefits as well.

Enduring strenuous complications can be a tricky situation, but don’t let that stop you from accomplishing your desired goals this year. By setting aside a plan of attack, 2019 can be one of the most exciting years of your life. Get yourself going today!

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