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What is Cervical Disc Disease?

Physical therapy in Shirley

What is Cervical Disc Disease?

Are you having chronic neck pain radiating to the arm? This may be secondary to cervical disc disease. Spinal discs serve as a cushion to increase the mobility of the spine and protect the neural cord. The cervical portion of the spinal discs consists of seven bones called the vertebrae which are separated by discs filled with a cushion-like gel substance. Cervical disc disease occurs when the vertebrae bone become worn and torn, resulting in narrowing of the vertebrae bones and pinching of the nerve. Cervical disc disease is very common, with 25 percent prevalence in adults under 40 and 60 percent in adults over the age of 40. If you are looking for physical therapy in Shirley to help with chronic back and neck pain, contact United Rehab Physical Therapy. With over a decade of experience serving the Long Island community, we have licensed physical and massage therapists to help you feel your best.

Common Symptoms of Cervical Disc Disease

  • Stiff neck with decreased range of motion

  • Pain, numbness, and weakness radiating down the arm from the neck or shoulder

  • Intermittent, chronic neck pain resistant to NSAIDs or pain-relievers such as Aleve

Physical therapy is a great non-surgical option for the treatment of cervical disc disease. Other modalities that can help control the pain are proper posture, discontinuing smoking and alcohol use, and resting the body. When looking for physical therapy in Shirley, consider one of the many services we offer at United Rehab Physical Therapy.

How Physical Therapy Can Help You

  • Deep tissue massage - targets tight muscles and chronic tension surrounding the pinched cervical nerve

  • Hot and cold therapies - utilizes cryotherapy and ultrasound heat to help increase circulation around the muscle and stabilize the area

  • Spinal traction - alleviates pain caused by muscle tightness or compressed nerve. Traction can be applied either manually by the therapist or using machines.

  • Active physical therapy - This modality includes ergonomic exercises targeted at improving posture, optimizing body mechanics, and increasing flexibility over time in the neck.

Visit United Rehab Physical Therapy at one of our many locations. Our licensed physical and massage therapists offer over two decades of experience and treat a large array of conditions. We are open six days a week and fully equipped with machines and technology to help you recover fast. Give us a call or make an appointment today!

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