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Benefits of Physical Therapy Post-Surgery

Undergoing a surgical procedure is never an easy thing to go through. It can be a traumatic experience that can affect the patient both emotionally and physically. Recovering from a surgery can also be difficult process to get through. For people looking for great Ronkonkoma physical therapist post-surgery, visiting United Rehab Physical Therapy today will offer you the best treatment options. But, what are the benefits to physical therapy after getting surgery?

Enhance Your Healing Process - Your body has the ability to heal itself naturally. However, it requires assistance to speed up this process. Physical therapy will be able to reduce the risk of health complications, like getting scar tissue, losing muscle mass, and limits to your motion range. Also, a physical therapist is usually equipped with devices that can help your tissues heal quickly.

Regain Mobility - By mobility, we don’t mean just walking. Different surgeries on body parts like the shoulder or any other upper body part are just as important to treat. The affected joint has to regain its mobility before you can start reaching out and lifting items again. By undergoing physical therapy post-surgery, you will strengthen the muscles that surround the damaged area, and different mobility exercises will improve your flexibility and increase the range of motion.

Decrease Swellings - Physical therapists will help you use ice and heat to help your affected muscles. This will improve your blood flow and reduce swelling. This is beneficial since it will speed up the rate at which you heal.

What Does Post-Surgery Therapy Involve?

Stretches for Joints and Muscles - To maintain good range of motion and muscle flexibility, stretching is necessary. Scar tissue and soft tissue contractions usually form after surgery or injury. Stretching will help eliminate both of these and, as a result, will keep the affected muscles flexible and also improve the range of motion.

Exercises - These are used to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the affected area. By doing the exercises, you will have the ability to go back to your normal activities sooner.

Heat and Ice Application - These are techniques used by our physical therapists to cool or warm your muscles. This helps increase blood flow. At United Rehab Physical Therapy, our Ronkonkoma physical therapist will use heat and ice applications to heal your injuries.

What If You Avoid Post-Surgery Therapy?

Avoiding post-surgery therapy can have negative outcomes. Some of them are as indicated below:

Re-injury - You might start participating in activities that your body is not yet ready for. This will most likely cause re-injury. This can set you back for weeks or even months.

Prolonged Recovery - It is possible that you can manage to avoid re-injury without physical therapy. However, you may still prolong the recovery period. We had mentioned earlier that physical therapy will enhance the rate at which your tissues heal. This means that it shortens your recovery period.

At United Rehab Physical Therapy, we can treat your discomforts and conditions that you experience after getting a procedure. It’s important to take in the different treatments we can offer you and how important it is to get recovered right away. If you’re looking to start getting rehabilitated, contact us today.

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