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How Myofascial Therapy Helps You

Simply defined, myofascial therapy is a medical massage that helps release tightness in your muscles. This therapy will also eliminate shortness in the muscles. However, for myofascial release to be done properly, high-quality physical therapy in Ronkonkoma at United Rehab Physical Therapy is the best choice to make. However, before you do this, it is important for you to have an understanding of how this therapy is performed.

How Myofascial Therapy is Performed

During a myofascial therapy session, our physical therapist will use manual pressure to massage and stretch body areas which have tightened muscles. The therapist will then release the manual pressure and repeat this process until he or she feels that the tension has been successfully released from the trigger point and other areas.

This physical therapy will be performed directly on your skin. It does not involve any creams, oils or machinery. By avoiding the use of these things, our talented staff will have the ability to detect fascial restrictions accurately and also apply the sustained pressure in appropriate amounts to ensure that the fascia is released. Physical therapy in Ronkonkoma that will allow you to enjoy a good myofascial therapy session is guaranteed when you visit United Rehab Physical Therapy.

Benefits of Myofascial Therapy

If you manage to visit United Rehab Physical Therapy, here are some health benefits you will get:

  • Increase blood flow: myofascial therapy has the ability to increase your vascular function. This type of therapy will help you get rid of tension and knots in the fascia. The tension and knots are responsible for restricting fluid flow. Therefore, when they are gone, your blood will flow much easier and hence keep your connective tissues and muscles hydrated.

  • Help your muscular motion range: myofascial therapy will help you increase your muscular motion range without decreasing activation or muscle force. Myofascial therapy will break adhesions in the fascia. This, in turn, allows your connective tissue and muscles to move freely. You will, therefore, have the ability to avoid muscle restrictions during your exercise sessions.

  • Treatment of repetitive motion injuries: in the treatment of Repetitive Motion Injuries, the myofascial therapy helps create a space around the ligaments which have been affected. This will help relieve inflammation naturally without the need to use surgery or medications. Myofascial therapy can help you eliminate tension in your connective tissues that surround the joints and hence eliminating repetitive motion injuries.

  • Treating herniated or bulged disc: myofascial therapy has the ability to decompress your spine and hence relieving pressure from your disc. This eliminates associated pain and also creates a space for the disc to heal itself naturally. When you use Myofascial therapy, you won’t need to have a back surgery to repair your disc.

  • Treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction: a myofascial therapy session will help release tension from the tissues that surround your TMJ and hence compressing it and thus impeding its functioning. This release will restore normal function to your TMJ. It will also eliminate pain, lateral deviation, and clicking.

For great physical therapy in Ronkonkoma, United Rehab Physical Therapy is the best choice for myofascial therapy. To make an appointment, contact us today!

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