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What Is FCE?

physical therapist in Ronkonkoma

If you have ever been out on prolonged medical leave, you might have had to take an FCE. Short for Functional Capacity Evaluation, an FCE is designed to evaluate a person’s fitness and judge whether or not he or she is able to rejoin the workplace. Undergoing a series of tests and observations, only a licensed Physical or Occupational Therapist will be able to assess whether or not you are physically and/or mentally able to return to work.

At United Rehab Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma, we understand that returning to the workforce after a major injury can be a daunting task. We take great responsibility in making sure our patients are emotionally and physically competent, before rejoining the rigors of the workplace. If you have an employee in need of a Functional Capacity Evaluation in Ronkonkoma, United Rehab Physical Therapy can help you.

Types of FCE Tests

Besides having separate tests to judge physical and mental acuity, there are two other types that bear mentioning.

  1. Job Specific FCE: This evaluation measures your ability to handle specific tasks that your job would entail. For example, if you were a construction worker- making sure you were able to perform all the labor-intensive tasks you would normally complete.

  2. General Purpose: This test is performed when the person doesn’t have a current job. It will evaluate certain skill sets in the in the event that he or she is able to return to the workforce.

What to Expect

In terms of assessing your physical capabilities you will be evaluated on the following: lifting (heavy boxes, objects etc..), climbing (stairs and ladders), pushing (strength), and flexibility (sitting, squatting, bending, etc..) Once the test has been administered you will receive a report that looks like the following.

United Rehab Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma

Interested in finding out more about FCE, or looking for a physical therapist in Ronkonkoma? With locations all over Suffolk County, our experienced and knowledgeable team at United Rehab Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma would love to help!

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