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Staying healthy during the holiday season

The holiday season is approaching, which means cooking family dinners, delicious baked goods, and enjoying a nice drink with family and friends. During the holiday season, everything seems much more tempting to eat and you feel tempted to stay in and bundled up with family and friends. Physical activity and eating healthy seem to be the last things on your mind this time of year. How can it be done? United Rehab Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma wants to help you maintain healthy decision throughout this holiday season. We care about your health and want to give you a few tips to help you.

Did someone say dessert?

When that dessert table opens up, we know we are all ready to pile up our plates with some of our favorite treats. How can you say no? Well, you don’t have to! Just because it is the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to eat that fruit cake. Instead of filling your plate with desserts you “like”, choose ones you “love” and thoroughly enjoy eating. This way you are both fulfilled and satisfied without filling up on treats you don’t want to eat. Another tip, is to limit yourself to one treat a day. Reward yourself once a day with a little bit of your favorite holiday treat.

Exercise tips!

It can already be difficult to exercise throughout the year, let alone through the holiday season. It is important to be proactive and make a plan and follow it. At United Rehab Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma, we encourage you to stay active and keep those muscles moving throughout the winter. Some simple and helpful exercise tips you can use for this holiday season are:

· Walk more. Instead of using the elevator, take the stairs or take few extra laps while doing some holiday shopping.

· Create a workout plan. Create a 15 to 30-minute workout plan that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Your workout can include jumping jacks, sit-ups, lunges, pushups, etc. and plan to complete this routine daily

We know it can be difficult to control those temptations through the holidays and stay active, but we hope these tips can help you this year. United Rehab physical therapy in Ronkonkoma wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season and encourages you to maintain a healthy mindset.

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