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Snowmageddon 101: Dealing with the Big Storm

When you’re young- there’s a good chance you loved the snow. You got to build snowmen, go sledding, throw snowballs at your unsuspecting brother or sister, or build massive snow forts. Plus, you had a pretty good chance of getting out from school. What’s better than that??

Unfortunately as with mostly all good things, there comes some risk. With the winter months steadily approaching, here at United Rehab Physical Therapy in Farmingville, we’ve come up with some tips for when the next blizzard comes.

Tips for Shoveling

It might not seem overly dangerous but snow shoveling can lead to injury and sometimes even death. Researchers at the US Nationwide Children's Hospital, found that 1,647 people died during the time period of 1990 to 2006 from cardiac-related injuries associated with shovelling snow. With that in mind let’s go over some tips.

  • Warm up: Just as you would warmup before playing in a sporting event or a workout at the gym, make sure your body is loose before you venture outside.

  • Bend your knees. Soft tissue injuries, including muscle, tendon, and ligaments, are the number one byproduct of bad technique. Bending your knees and using your legs will alleviate stress to your body, keep you upright, and most importantly- out of the doctors office. For a list of ergonomically-designed shovels- click here.

  • Pace Yourself: Just because you finished shoveling out all the snow in record time doesn’t mean you get extra credit. Make sure you pace yourself and consider taking a break after 20 to 30 minutes. Go get some hot chocolate- you deserve it

Survival Kit

Before you’re surrounded in snow- make sure you have the following necessities.

  • First aid supplies

  • Extra Warm Clothes! Sweatshirts, gloves, scarfs. If it makes you warm-it’ll probably work.

  • Jumper cables, tow rope, tool kit

  • Extra Food! Head to your nearest supermarket and stock up on high energy food such as dried fruit or candy. Yes candy! Food that requires no cooking or refrigeration are best.

Preparing a Checklist

If you’re like us at United Rehab Physical Therapy in Farmingville, it’s best to have a gameplan when tackling a situation. Here are three areas that should be addressed when a storm hits.

  • If you’re a homeowner it’s vital that all walk ways should be clear of snow and ice. Be proactive by administering an anti-ice agent or ice melt to make sure you don’t have any issues going forward.

  • Keep your gutters and drains free of ice or snow so they don’t freeze.

  • Make sure to check your roof after significant snowfall as massive accumulation can collapse your roof. Signs of collapse include sagging roof, severe leaks, cracked or split tiles, bends or ripples in supports.

United Rehab Physical Therapy in Farmingville

So as the temperature starts cooling and the prospect of snow starts rising- snow safety is now critical more than ever.

With locations in three areas of Long Island , and specializing in our unique patient centered treatment approach, and individualized treatment plan, our highly trained therapists are here to help on the road to recovery.

Enjoy your winter!

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