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Tips For Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a weakness for just about everyone. It is common for people to gain 5+ pounds during the season. Nutrition and staying active are key to staying healthy and keeping the weight off.

Do you want to keep the weight off this season?

Below are a few tips nutritionally and physically that can help you do that.


  • Keep tempting foods out of sight. High caloric foods such as holiday sweets and desserts are okay in moderation but don’t eat too much of it. Keeping them out of sight or out of arm’s reach can make it easier for you to not keep grabbing them.

  • Eat slowly. When you eat slowly, you tend to realize how much you are eating. When you eat quickly, you don’t realize until after all of the food is already done how much you ate and how full you are.

  • Pour the gravy and other sauces lightly. Although you cannot control what your family is going to have for Thanksgiving dinner, you can pour lightly on the sauces to make it a little healthier for yourself.

  • Stay clear of sugary drinks. Water. Water. Water. If you choose to drink an alcoholic beverage, vodka tonics or wine are best.

  • Save room for dessert. It is okay to have dessert in moderation. Don’t have the extra sweet potatoes to save some room for a slice of pumpkin pie.

Physical Activity

  • Plan exercise/physical activity around meals. The key to this is to have it planned. When you have a walk or exercise planned after a meal, you will probably not fill yourself up knowing you are going to be doing physical activity afterward and not going to be a couch potato for the rest of the night.

  • Do quick, intense workouts. Since everyone is so busy during the holidays, taking an intense 45-minute spin class or 20 minute high-intensity workout online will do the trick. These types of workouts burn higher calories and have a smaller duration.

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