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Improving Hand Function

hand therapy in ronkonkoma

It is extremely common to lose proper hand functionality after a stroke. Thankfully, physical therapy can help to improve your fine motor skills. At United Rehab Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma, we strive to help you regain complete functionality of your hand.

Hand exercises are detrimental to regaining function of your hand. For those who have lost complete function of the hand, exercises will focus more on stretching. For example, stretching the impaired hand and using your other hand to move the paralyzed fingers. Another exercise for paralyzed hands is to place the hand on a flat surface, like a table, and focus on the hand not falling off the table and the fingers not curling up.

For those who were left with moderate to little hand function after a stroke, there are exercises to help you reach 100% functionality. Our Physical Therapists in Ronkonkoma suggest the following exercises:

  • Stacking pennies

  • Turning cards over

  • Pinching a clothes pin

  • Practicing writing

  • Playing the piano

  • Typing

  • Stringing beads

  • Doing a puzzle

  • Picking up coins

  • Practicing buttoning a shirt

  • Painting

It has been proven that forced and repeated use of the affected hand can cause your brain to reorganize and help move your hand. To force yourself to use only the affected hand, wear a mitten on the functioning hand.

According to new studies, the use of electrical stimulation therapy has been successful in improving hand function after a stroke. In this type of therapy, low levels of electric current stimulate the paralyzed muscles to move.

Our Ronkonkoma Physical Therapists may recommend you download a fine motor skills app, like Fruit Ninja, on your tablet or cell phone. As we always have our phones on us, this allows patients to practice their fine motor skills anywhere at any time!

If you or a loved one have survived a stroke, but were left with deteriorated hand functionality, you can benefit from Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma. Visit our website or give us a call to make your appointment with us!

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