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Preventing Ankle Sprains When Running

Ankle sprains are one the most common sports injuries someone can get. Here at United Rehab PT, injury prevention is one of our top priorities. Below we will mention some tips to strengthen your ankles and reduce your chances of an ankle sprain.

Improve Your Balance

A simple way to decrease your chances of an ankle sprain is to improve your balance. Balance training will enhance your body’s ability to control itself in different positions. Balance training is as easy as standing on one foot during simple tasks throughout the day. Try to stand on one foot during television commercials or while you’re brushing your teeth. See how many heel to toe steps you can walk in a row. Good balance exercises include yoga. Yoga will benefit your overall balance and promote good posture.

Strengthen Your Ankle

Strengthening your ankles is important for preventing ankle sprains. Ankle sprains are more common in those who have weak muscles that surround the ankle joint. An easy way to improve ankle strength is to wrap a towel around your foot and move up, down, and side to side. The towel will add resistance on your foot which works to strengthen those muscles around the ankle. This is another simple exercise that can be done on your couch while you are resting after a long day.

Extra Support

While you are running, using tape or a brace have been proven effective in preventing ankle sprains. Although some athletes believe a brace or tape can slow them down, the extra support is effective in keeping your ankle firm and in an upright position. Come to us to see if a brace or tape will be effective for you.

It is important that you build up to levels of activities as well. It is important that you work up to a specific running distance you have trained for and don’t just go out and double your workout. You could put your body at risk for something worse than an ankle sprain if you are not ready for that level of activity.

If you or anyone you know is interested in more information on ankle injuries and how to prevent them, please contact us today.

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