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Injury from a slip or fall? What to look out for.

Falling Injury

United Rehab Physical Therapy offers four Suffolk County locations including Ronkonkoma, Hauppauge, Farmingville, and Shirley to offer hands on physical therapy. The multiple services they provide ensure the improvement of their client’s lives.

Not all effects for slip and fall injuries are minor. There are major effects to a fall that result in severe pain and discomfort. Multiple injuries to the neck and back are common. Having weak bones can lead to a fractured tailbone, which causes difficulty in walking and sitting.

Injuries to the neck and head are harder to treat. These injuries can cause concussions and brain injury. In addition neck sprains and muscle sprains, which reduce flexibility are common. Also whiplash and spinal cord injuries can result from a slip and fall. United Rehab Physical Therapy treats neck pain, neck stiffness and whiplash.

Back injuries are common, such as muscle strain and ligament strain. These back injuries can increase the risk of spinal cord injury and slipped disk. United Rehab Physical Therapy treats back pain, and sciatica. Also sprained and broken wrists and ankles are common injuries of a slip and fall.

Seeking medical and professional help is encouraged for slips and falls no matter how serious the injury is. Physical therapy may be the answer to getting back on your feet after your fall. With United Rehab Physical Therapy’s four locations throughout Suffolk County residents have easy access to their rehabilitation.

In addition they also offer Safe Steps- Fall prevention and Balancing Rehabilitation Program. This offers free fall risk screening, strength training and rehab, vestibular testing and therapy, patient safety education, home safety education, and home visits. This service serves to seniors who have a history of falling and those who don’t have a history.

United Rehab Physical Therapy has been offering physical therapy, massage therapy, rehabilitation, and wellness since 2008. Their mission is to offer one-on-one care to their clients and have them live pain free.

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