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Have you ever dislocated your shoulder or dealt with the pain from herniated disk from simply cleaning your yard? Have you slipped at work or maybe even been in an car accident? Injuring yourself can be devastating and painful. You may think surgery is the best option or even medication for pain relief. Either of those options can prolong the healing process and may cause other complications in the future. There’s is a healthy more, holistic way to heal your body. Physical therapy is and has become a more concrete effective way to alleviate pain and heal an injury in short time. If you live in Suffolk County, United Rehab Physical Therapy of Ronkonkoma, Shirley, Farmingville, and Hauppauge can help you!

Surgery can be a painful, nerve wracking, and expensive. When you choose physical therapy, it not only can help stretch the muscle, tendons, and ligaments within the affected area in order to promote proper healing but it can improve recovery time. Physical therapy can also help with strengthening the muscles around the injury to prepare for mobility. As a more organic approach specific exercises like light push ups or leg lifts, light walking, or jogging may be key ways to heal your injury.

Medication can leave you in a fog or daze. Physical therapy or massage therapy done post Physical Therapy can leave your body and in peace and tranquility. Stretching is a great way to release the stress of the injury and ease your mind. A light massage around he injured body part can also alleviate the pain organically. The common goal with any injury is to alleviate the pain and recovery quickly. The goal utilizing PT is doing it holistically. With the right blend of exercise and massage therapy, United Rehab has the best solution to recover from your injury. With a wide range of rehab services, find the right one for you with United Rehab Physical Therapy Ronkonkoma, Shirley, Farmingville, and Hauppauge.

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