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What Massage Therapy Can Do For You

Suffolk Massage Therapist

The benefits of massage therapy are often misunderstood as a luxury, rather than for the many health benefits they provide. If you have been experiencing anything from back pain to dislocated joints you may be surprised to find out that massage therapy would have been a viable alternative to traditional methods. The general principle of therapeutic massages is to work the patient’s body using manual pressure in order to release compressed nerves and align shifted joints. If you live in Suffolk County, New York, United Rehab Physical Therapy provides medical massage therapy to patients living in or near Ronkonkoma, Hauppauge, Farmingville, and Shirley.

There are a variety of different massage techniques with the most common being the Swedish massage which involves kneading tense areas on the patient’s body primarily to the effect of promoting relaxation in patients. While the Swedish massage is meant to relieve stress there are other more specific types of massages which are less relaxing, but useful in correcting complications in muscles and joints.

Some of the more intense massages are the deep massage, myofascial release, and the trigger point massage. A deep massage uses slow and forceful kneading to put pressure upon the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. Typically a deep massage is used to correct muscle injuries and lessen friction between layers of tissue and the muscles themselves. Trigger-point massages are used to release tightened or compressed muscles to relieve the patient of pain. Myofascial release is a deep tissue massage that puts pressure on the connective tissue that separates muscles from organs to prevent it from tightening and causing friction with organs or muscles.

Many spas do not practice some of the more intense therapeutic massages and are orientated entirely to relieving stress. By visiting a physical therapist, you will not only receive the benefits you would at a spa but the advance physiological benefits given by a licensed medical massage therapist. if you feel as if you could benefit from a therapeutic massage. On Long Island, United Rehab has four locations in Ronkonkoma, Hauppauge, Farmingville, and Shirley that provide a wide variety of therapeutic massage services. Consult your physician if massage therapy is the right choice for you.

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