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Phantom Limb Pain and Physical Therapy

Among the more surreal physical conditions, phantom limb pain stands on the forefront. Phantom limb pain is described as immense pain felt from an amputated limb, the physiology behind the condition is that nerves left over from the amputation still relay signals to the brain signaling that the limb is in distress, the psychology behind the condition is that the brain is actively tricked into believing that the limb is still there. Severe pain is among the most distressing symptoms of phantom limb pain, among the more lesser grievances is burning, cramping, and coldness. If you live in Suffolk County and are experiencing phantom limb pain, physical therapy can be your solution.

There are various means to treat phantom limb pain ranging from unique therapies involving the use of a mirror while undergoing physical therapy to rehabilitating the nerve endings themselves. The treatments range from psychological to physical; in more severe cases there are also medicinal procedures involving painkillers as well. While most of the methods involving rehabilitation of the nerves involve surgery the therapeutic method has been reported to have great efficacy from patients with phantom limb pain. Bizarrely virtual reality has even been a method used to treat phantom limb by use of connecting nerve signals from the amputated limb to a control a virtual version of them limb.

Some amputees have experienced phantom limb pain their whole lives and rarely complete their therapy. While surgical and medicinal methods work well they can prove to be expensive and sometimes fail to relieve amputees of their phantom limb pain. Physical therapy requires patience and commitment, but it has been shown to work as well as surgical procedures.

If you live near Hauppauge, Farmville, Ronkonkoma, or Shirley and have issues with phantom limb pain United Rehab is offering services to treat it. United Rehab has a diverse and experienced staff and will work with you to treat your phantom limb pain.

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