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Hip Pain and Physical Therapy

The hip is the pivotal point for our motion, it centers our gait and serves as an axis for our leg joints. Through repeated wear, the cartilage protecting the hip bone from friction and pain in the area. In being a socket the hip is prone to filling up with blood once inflamed from injury or illness, this causes the hip’s lining to stretch causing pain. Usually the pain is associated with injury, but anything that puts excessive strain on the hip joint socket with affect your ability to use the joint. Over-exercising while not strictly associated with hip injuries is commonly associated with inflammation of the hip-joint.

Typically the most recommended methods of preventing hip pain is to stretch frequently and avoid shoes that do not fit you and throw off your gait. For those who enjoy jogging you should find a beach or a field to conduct your routine in since hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt contribute to hip injury. There are a wide variety of medications recommended to treat hip pain, while opioids like oxycontin and heroin are only distributed to people who have experienced chronic pain for a period of three months or longer (and are highly addictive) and over-the-counter painkillers lack the potency and acuity of the medicines listed hip pain is always best treated by a physical therapist.

If you are looking for a reliable physical therapist in Ronkonkoma, Hauppauge, Shirley, or Farmingville then consider United Rehab. Remember only take medication as an absolute last result to resolve hip-pain, check in with a physical therapist and see what they can offer you, United Rehab offers a broad array of services and can likely assist you with hip pain and many other maladies.

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