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Common Fall Sports Injuries

Suffolk County Sports Physical Therapist

With another successful start to the school year under our belt, fall also brings us a new season of sports. Unfortunately, that also means a variety of injuries that can be caused by these activities such as shin splints and injuries to the ACL. While each condition comes with its own set of challenges, all of them can be treated through physical therapy. By receiving treatment, you can not only recover from your injuries, but also learn and develop strength to prevent them from occurring.

Shin splints are common in athletes whose sports require a great deal of running such as track and field. This type of injury will result in having pain by the shin bone in the lower area of the leg. While it can be caused by simply exerting yourself too much, treatments for shin splints include rest and physical therapy. If you choose the latter, this can be effective in immediate and preventive treatment.

ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries happens when this ligament in the knee is sprained or torn due to the knee being in an unusual position. This can be common for girls who play soccer, athletes that are more likely to suffer from ACL injuries. In addition to stretching, prevention exercises are effective in strengthening the potentially affected areas. Using physical therapy can help increase flexibility and strengthen in the ligament, resulting in less risk of sustaining an injury.

Preventative and immediate action can be quite beneficial when playing sports during the fall. With four offices in Ronkonkoma, Farmingville, Hauppauge, and Shirley, United Rehab has experience in treating a variety of sports injuries. Through personalized care, United Rehab will development a treatment regimen specifically tailored to treating the cause of your visit. Their physical therapists will use the most effective treatments to help you get off the sideline and back on the field.

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