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Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma

Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma

Let’s stretch...and mobilize our potential with United Rehab of Ronkonkoma! Established in four different locations, United Rehab services individualized physical therapy treatments predominantly with hands-on and one-on-one care. Their mission is centered on the improvement of quality care and lifestyle for all patients.

Physical therapy treatments go beyond the physical exteriors, and good care starts with good relationships between doctors and patients. United Rehab roots its services through understanding the patient and their individual needs, in conjunction with their physical therapy plans, and do not require a doctor's referral to begin treatment!

Located in Ronkonkoma, Hauppauge, Farmingville, and Shirley, their practices have extended for the convenient outreach of their patients. They look to service everyone in need of physical aide with multiple specializations in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Pre & Post surgical rehab, Myofascial Manual & Massage Therapy, Geriatrics, Sports physical therapy and rehabilitation. Licensed therapists at United Rehab are certified with advanced skills in manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and balance rehabilitation. Two of their specialized treatments, Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Sports Physical Therapy, care for the rehabilitation of certain joint injuries, muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments while emulating their work’s devoted care. United Rehab’s Orthopedic Physical Therapy devotes its practice to relieving your pain and restoring your movement. Several individualized services and specializations work through stimulated compression to give you therapeutic rehabilitation. Flexibility, movement, and strength act as the core goals of the program, improving balance and relieving pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

Sports physical Therapy at United Rehab acts on the same principles with their Game Ready compression therapy unit. Their motto: Get ready for your game with Game Ready! This innovative technology is renowned and used by professional athletes and sports organizations all around the world. The program focuses on cold compression therapy for reducing pain and swelling, lubricating muscle movement, and essentially stimulating blood flow and tissue repair without the aide of pharmaceuticals. United Rehab is equipped for your treatment therapy, and will help you get on the steadfast road to recovery and back to living your life!

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