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Cycling Safety

Cycling has become a very popular form of exercise and its' growing popularity has also drawn many people to come to watch it as a sport, especially during the 2016 Summer Games. Cycling, as fun and as great for you it is, can actually be very dangerous, thus why safety precautions should be practiced. Many accidents occur everyday due to preventable situations.

The most important thing that you can do to ensure your safety while cycling is to make sure you protect yourself. This is why whenever you ride your bike, you should make sure you are wearing a helmet and that you are always visible to the traffic around you. This also goes with making sure you are cycling at appropriate times and that there is adequate lighting. Before you begin cycling you should do a proper check of your bicycle and make sure the brakes are working well as well as your tires are in good alignment. You should also make sure you are using proper hand signals to other drivers on the road and to always look and make sure that the other drivers see you so that there isn’t a possibility of an accident. Riding your bike like a car would drive is also important because you become more predictable rather than you haphazardly weaving in and out of traffic. Also, make sure to obey all the traffic laws as well as don’t distract yourself with music or talking on the phone, this will help you be fully aware of your surroundings.

Don’t forget to warm-up prior to getting on your bike. Having your leg and abdominal muscles warmed up with dynamic stretching will help you react more promptly to an environmental danger as well as help you more steadily bike through various road levels with ease.If you are new to cycling and are unsure of proper warm-ups techniques, visiting our offices can help you! We can analyze your body condition in order to provide you with exercises that will help improve your cycling game.

The dangers of cycling are very real but with proper safety precautions they can be avoided. They will allow you to continue to exercise the way you want, as well as enjoy cycling as you always have. If you have recently been involved in a cycling accident physical therapy can help you feel your best in no time. Visit one of our many Suffolk County, New York locations in order to get started today!

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