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How Myofascial therapy is beneficial during the healing process

When recovering from an injury, the tendency to look for the quickest way to get back to your normal self is obvious. One innovative way to help speed this process up is through myofascial therapy. This relatively new type of therapy, helps deals with muscle tissue efficiently and effectively as well as helps treat a variety of different conditions and symptoms.

Myofascial therapy focuses on releasing the shortness and tightness in the muscles. It is great for patients that have lost flexibility or function due to an injury or for those who are experiencing any type of shoulder, hip, back, or general muscular tissue pain. The reason why myofascial therapy works so well is because when there is a tightness in the muscle and function and motion have been restricted, it can pull your body out of alignment from having to favor one side over the other. This misalignment can create even more problems. Myofascial treatment will alleviate a sense of pressure on the muscles or joints that ends up producing pain and pain in any other parts of the body like headaches or back pain. The ultimate goal of myofascial therapy is to stretch and loosen the fascial tissue so that it and other structures can move more freely, as well as have the patient's motion restored. For this reason, myofascial therapy is sometimes referred to as 'myofascial release' therapy. The general method of myofascial therapy is a gentle application of pressure or a gradual low load stretch to the affected area. Myofascial therapy is great too after long amounts of strength and resistance training to get your muscles back to feeling loose as well as making sure you aren’t favoring one side of your body during exercise.

If you live in the Long Island area, United Rehab Physical Therapy offers Myofascial therapy in order to provide you with the best of care. With four convenient Suffolk County locations, this form of treatment should be considered by anyone that feels they are out of alignment or are having various aches and pains. The therapy will allow you to speed up the healing process and get you back to living your life pain free.

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