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What is Prehab

Body conditioning is not something that you only do once pain starts, but something you can do proactively! Whether you work in an office or do more manual physical labor, you might be more prone to injury in specific areas of the body. Once an injury occurs, inflammation can become compounded created an atmosphere for a lifetime of difficulties and pain.

Prehab proactively addressing potential musculoskeletal issues before they worsen and is your best way to combat the wear and tear that aging provides. Prehab will also prevent you from possibly needing surgery down the line. It is a common misnomer that post-surgery is when surgery rehabilitation begins. Only doing rehabilitation after a surgery is completed will not give you the most optimal results if you had started it prior to your surgery.

Whatever stage you are in, treating your body right should be your top priority. Going through specific exercises and motioning will help strengthen the supportive muscles of the injured or potentially injured region will allow for a more effective healing process. If your injury requires surgery, physical therapy will help strengthen your body and foster an efficient post-surgery recovery.

If you are unsure that you are setting yourself up for a potential injury, it cannot hurt to visit a physical therapist as they will be able to evaluate your current body’s condition and examine your lifestyle factors in order to provide recommendations, which may include lifestyle alterations and proper form for specific activities. Physical therapy will be able to prevent many possible ailments that often come with aging.

Prehab is an extremely beneficial step toward a lifetime of wellness. If you are experiencing any pain, some pain, or a lot of pain, visiting a physical therapist will improve your body’s ability to function as well as deter potential traumas.

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