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How PT Can Help Young Athletes

The most common injuries occur in young athletes from some sort of trauma or overuse of a joint. When a young athlete gets hurt, they typically have to spend time away from their sport, potentially sitting on the sidelines for weeks. Physical therapy can help young athletes regain their strength and get back in the game.

The 5 most common sport injuries young athletes endure can all be treated with the help of physical therapy. These injuries include:

  1. Sprains

  2. Strains

  3. Knee Injuries

  4. Shin Splints

  5. Overuse Injuries

Sprains occur when one or more of the ligaments supporting a given joint get stretched or torn. A sprain usually occurs during a fall or blow to the body and causes the joint to move beyond its normal range of motion. A strain refers to an injury of a muscle or the attaching tendon. Strains occur when excessive pressure is used during activity. Knee injuries are the most commonly injured joints according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Shin splints most commonly occur in athletes that partake in a lot of running and often occur when the proper warm-up is not administered. Overuse injuries occur over time and are the hardest to diagnose because of the time lapse. Shin splints, fractures, and stress fractures are all examples of overuse injuries in sports.

Not all athletes seek the proper help they need to recover from their injuries, and if they knew the benefits, many more athletes would seek help in physical therapy. One of the main benefits of physical therapy is it strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility. This approach to training is designed to build both strength and power in the body while improving mobility and keeping the athlete’s muscular system working at its full potential. When the muscles are working at their highest potential, there is a less chance of injury, and if an injury does occur, it can heal faster.

Physical therapy also increases circulation. Regular routines and proper workouts improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body. Increased blood flow helps prevent overuse injuries as your oxygen levels are higher if the body is circulating better.

Improving endurance is another one of many benefits physical therapy has to offer athletes. Young athletes rely on their high endurance to perform at their peak. Endurance is everything in sports, no matter the game. Working with a physical therapist can help improve endurance and longevity.

Although there are many more benefits athletes can experience through physical therapy, these are just a few. Physical therapy is one of the most, if not the most, beneficial experiences an athlete can take part in. It is the little milestones that count when it comes to rehab as even the smallest achievements are a step closer to getting back on the field.

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