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Suffering from Whiplash? Physical Therapy Can Help!

Are you suffering from whiplash? Severe or not, there is no better solution for recovery than physical therapy. Icing or using heat for a whiplash recovery may help you in the short-term, but it will not help in long-term recovery without the proper use of physical therapy.

Whiplash injuries usually occur when a force of impact causes your head/neck to be thrown forward or backwards, causing hyperextension or hyper-flexion sprains and tears to the muscles and tissues in your neck. This normally happens in a motor-vehicle accident, sporting events, or physical contact. Whiplash recovery depends on how serious the injury is. The quicker you act to work on recovery, the quicker your recovery process will be.

Physical therapy is not only your best and safest option for healing, but it is the most successful treatment for whiplash because it uses exercises and movements by a professional to help restore pr

oper function to the affected muscles. The main priority of physical therapy is to heal you using passive treatments to relax your body and injured area using deep tissue massages and/or hot and cold therapies. The therapy will continue to build by adding active treatments to your healing process. The use of active treatments in physical therapy will strengthen the injured areas until there is a strong level of support in your spine and neck area.

Every physical therapy program is individualized depending on the patient’s health history and levels of pain, demonstrating the strong process of personal healing between the patient’s and the proper professional treatment. This will strengthen the healing process and will decrease the chances of sustaining the same injury after your healing process is completed.

The main goal of physical therapy for a whiplash injury is using passive and active treatments to increase proper circulation, reduce muscle pain caused by spasms, and work on healing of damaged tissues to successfully complete the healing process.

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