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Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma, New York

Have you been hurt in a sport? Have you fallen or taken a blow that has affected your movement? Are you finding it hard to do everyday tasks? Physical therapy might be the right treatment for you.

Physical therapists work with you to heal injuries and relieve pain, making it easier for your body to get back to its peak potential. Physical therapy can also help you recover after surgery. Doctors recommend physical therapy to their patients for anything from recent injuries to long-term health problems like arthritis.

Looking for the right physical therapist goes beyond seeking one that accepts your insurance. You should seek one that specializes with your health problem. Always discuss with your doctor who they would recommend for you as this is always a good start.

There are some questions to keep in mind when seeking a physical therapy. There is some concern as to whether or not they will receive treatments from the same therapist every time they come in for treatment as patients seek consistency. It is also best to find a physical therapist that works with one patient at a time. United Rehab offers the best experience for both new and existing patients right here in Ronkonkoma.

The doctors at United Rehab Physical Therapy are there to help you anytime you need treatment. They strive to improve the quality of life through their treatment and exercise plans and work with you discussing your symptoms and adjust plans comfortable for your body and its needs. The staff at United Rehab are highly trained and licensed professionals and offer all their patients consistent care with the same therapist during one-on-one treatments.

United Rehab Physical Therapy prides themselves on their compassionate care techniques with hands-on-therapy, patient education, and disability prevention. United Rehab Physical Therapy been built around a patient centered approach that personalizes each treatment plan and rehabilitation results.

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