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Complimentary Pain and Injury Consultation

Most people might feel intimidated when thinking about their health and what they need to do in order to maintain it properly. Visiting a physical therapist may be beneficial for people interested in taking better care of their health or those feeling bodily pain and need a better or more thorough evaluation. It can be difficult to find the right program to fit the specific needs each person requires, but we are here to help.

At United Rehab Physical Therapy, we offer complimentary pain and injury consultation for people that want to find out what they can do to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you have never been to physical therapy and are experiencing pain or have an injury, an evaluation by a physical therapist would be the best way to ensure that the problem is taken care of without feeling intimidated or pressured. We provide a free consultation in which the physical therapist will be able to do a full evaluation in order to be able to correctly diagnose the current problem while also taking appropriate steps to avoid future problems.

For most people, their health might not be top priority, so in order to maintain current health status, and if needed, improve their health, having a physical therapist evaluate their body will help in mapping out plans to improve their lifestyle. There should be no pressure in seeing a physical therapist as we make it easy with complimentary pain and injury consultations. The complimentary service will be an easy way to introduce you to physical therapy and will show you the benefits of receiving full physical therapy assessments when needed.

If one complimentary pain and injury consultation is what you need to push you further on your path to a healthier lifestyle, then why wait? Visit United Rehab Physical Therapy for your free pain and injury consultation today to start your healthy lifestyle journey!

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