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Physical Therapy in Commack

Who Are We?


At United Rehab Physical Therapy, we are specialists who have helped patients that exhibited intolerable pain to heal and return to what they love most. Chronic pain changes how people go about their life negatively. Chronic pain has been known to cause anxiety and depression in many patients, which could make your pain worse. Chores can become full-day tasks, work can falter from a total lack of motivation, and it can affect the relationships you hold dear. Luckily, United Rehab, the go-to place for physical therapy in Commack, can help manage that pain.


Managing pain is no easy task and may take some time depending on your condition, so before we explain our services, we recommend that you start to feel any recurring pain and chat with your local physical therapist right away. That being said, there are many ways to deal with chronic pain, and the services we provide for physical therapy in Commack make managing pain a straight forward process. Our services are not only practical, but they’re also done by specialists who have hours upon hours of hands-on experiences.


Lastly, we prefer to educate our patients throughout the physical therapy process. Not only does it give our patients useful information on how their process works, but it also works practically at home or on the go. Exercises and stretches that can strengthen the surrounding muscles can be used at home to speed your process up. Your recovery all depends on your needs, and we will cater your treatment plan to your goals. Our knowledgeable therapists are equipped to provide some of the best physical therapy in Commack.


Our Services


If you’re searching for physical therapy in Commack, the place for a wide array of treatments for any number of ailments is United Rehab Physical Therapy. Understanding this, we hope to allow patients with any level of pain or concern about their condition to come to us with their issue. With the amount of quality care and experience our specialists are putting out every day, there’s no reason why we can’ figure out what ailment has been troubling you. That being said, we would love to provide our patients with a basic background on the services we provide and what they apply to. 


Our practice helps patients who come in to fully achieve their recovery goals and live a life pain-free. That being said, let’s talk about some of the wide arrays of services we provide at United Rehab Physical Therapy.

  • Cryotherapy: One of our most popular and well-reviewed techniques in our clinic, cryotherapy is administered in a localized manner, reducing inflammation at the source of pain. Some of the benefits include Numbing nerve irritation to reduce swelling and pain, Reducing arthritic pain in localized areas such as the hands or back, and could help increase the range of motion and mobility.

  • Postural Re-education: becoming more common the more we’re around our technology, postural re-education improves balance, posture, and gait to help combat spine and shoulder pain in the future and lead a more healthy life.

  • Therapeutic exercises: These straightforward procedures are holistic strengthening techniques and the first thing you think of physical therapy. These exercises strengthen the muscles surrounding the ailment in question to better serve and manage the pain.

  • Myofascial release and massage therapy: this hands-on technique allows the build of pressure and tension found within the joints and tense tissues to be released. Our specialist massages specific points of pain to allow a greater range of motion and pain relief.

  • Spinal Decompression Therapy: This is yet another hands-on technique that has a clear focus on relieving pain all along the spine. The spine, containing the central nervous system, is an important part of the body that needs to be handled with care when relieving neck and lower back pain; that’s why we trust our specialists for physical therapy in Commack for procedures like these.


Comprehending these important aspects of our processes can establish a good baseline for our patients and patrons to best recognize any pain in their body and how to treat it. We believe that the most efficient way to meet your recovery goals is to understand our procedures so our patients can better adapt to them. The more they know, the more we can help. For more information, feel free to contact us today!


Physical Therapy in Commack with United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy will heal any injuries you may be nursing. Our caring staff and educated specialists are here to provide the best care possible. Contact us if you have suffered a sports or work injury. 

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