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Physical Therapy Suffolk County
The Most Common Sports Injuries





Injuries in sports can feel debilitating but are a widespread occurrence for athletic activity. Just because they happen to be expected in the field doesn’t mean that we can’t help you recover, and you can become a stronger athlete through physical therapy and strengthening. At United Rehab Physical Therapy, our Physical Therapy Suffolk County pushes you to strengthen yourself holistically instead of just trying to work off the injury or ailment you may have come across as an athlete. Athletic activity can be taxing on the body. Because of how the musculoskeletal system forms, develops and reshapes, long-time athletic training will cause injuries if not properly prevented. That activity can start to damage specific bodily structures. Our Physical Therapy Suffolk County recommends some of their best injury prevention for specific sports therapy to strengthen yourself for your particular sport while correcting muscles and movements that should be corrected for proper movement and form during activity.

Understanding Sports Injuries

If you’re looking for quality information on the types of most common sports-related injuries as well as information on how to treat and prevent them, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Physical therapy Suffolk County has worked with some of the hardest working patrons and athletes to give you the best general guidance on properly handling your sports-related injury. ​That being said, the specialists from our physical therapy center in Commack have accumulated some of the most common sports-related injuries and some ways to prevent said injuries and how to treat them. Please remember that there are some injuries that are more acute and may take more research to properly treat them. That’s why we recommend seeing one of our specialists at our physical therapy branch in Commack. ​

We Can Treat

​​We offer quality care that is pinpoint accurate when it comes to diagnosis and proper treatment of any particular ailment. It may be harder to treat ailments less common in the athletic world, especially without legitimate medical attention. Stop by our Physical therapy Suffolk County to consult and diagnose some ailment that has been worrying that may or may not appear on the list below:


  • Strains - One of the most common ailments that plague all walks of athletic life are strains. Muscles are at risk of stretching more than they should, and as a result, the damage and over-tearing of muscles result in the pain associated with a strain. Strains have the symptoms of inflammation near the root of the injury as well as a pain that is akin to an overly sore muscle. Strains can be solved through ample rest and recovery along with hydration and icing the afflicted area. The severity of strain is important as that can direct you toward needing further assistance from.

  • Sprains - The connective tissue from bone to bone is known as a ligament and is one of the focal points used in basic, everyday movement. When overused, most ligament starts to form small tears and is cause for significant injury in sports due to the tearing while exerting yourself during play. The best way to help a sprain is compression, as it draws blood to the base of the injury and offers support as it heals. The more support the injury has, the better it will come back for it to heal stronger.

  • Tennis elbow - Though the name includes tennis, the ailment rings true across multiple sports and arm activity platforms. The tennis elbow injury is onset by repetition of the same motion repeatedly, causing specific places in the elbow tearing due to lack of training the weaker parts of the elbow to be stronger. This is best treated by working with opposite parts that are stronger in the elbow and can also be used in a physical therapy setting.

Best Physical Therapy Suffolk County


From this, we have learned how to properly implement preventative measures into training to avoid some of the most common sports-related injuries. When you need Physical Therapy Suffolk County, contact us. Our Team at United Rehab Physical Therapy is eager to treat your sports injury. 

Physical Therapy For An Injured Rotator Cuff

















Shoulder injuries can quickly cause everyday tasks to become difficult. If you are experiencing pain in your shoulder, you may be dealing with a rotator cuff injury. If this is the case, our team at United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy is here to help. We offer physical therapy Suffolk County to help our patients recover from any injury they may face.

Symptoms of Injured Rotator Cuff

A rotator cuff is an important group of muscles surrounding the shoulder joint that stabilize the shoulder and keep it aligned. Injuries to the shoulder rotator cuff can occur as we age, but those that perform overhead activities repeatedly can potentially suffer from them. Should you sustain a rotator cuff injury, physical therapy Suffolk County is a great option for treatment. Our team can help you find relief from the symptoms associated with these injuries, including weakness and pain in the shoulder, reduced range of motion, swelling, and inflammation. Rotator cuff injuries can fall into the following categories:


  • Tendinitis - Caused by overuse of the rotator cuff.

  • Bursitis - Inflammation of the bursae that sits between the shoulder bones and the rotator cuff tendons.

  • Strains and Tears - Caused by overuse or an acute injury like a car accident, fall, or other sudden injuries.


It is important to keep in mind that while physical therapy Suffolk County cannot heal a torn rotator cuff tendon, it does strengthen the muscles in the shoulder and restores shoulder mechanics.

Physical Therapy For Injured Rotator Cuff

While these injuries can be avoided most of the time, there is always the possibility of injury. If you injure your rotator cuff, our team is here to help. Our physical therapy Suffolk County can help you eliminate pain and restore your range of motion. Through therapeutic exercises and stretches, we promote healing in the rotator cuff. Some of the benefits of choosing physical therapy include:


  • Restored stability in the shoulder joint.

  • Increased range of motion and flexibility.

  • Reduced swelling and inflammation.

  • Lowered risk of future injury.


If you require surgery for your rotator cuff injury, physical therapy can help you during the recovery process.

Contact Us

At United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy, our goal is to keep our patients as strong as possible. If you are dealing with an injury to your rotator cuff, getting the help of a physical therapist can ensure you make a full recovery. To schedule your first session, contact our team today!

Physical Therapy For Back Conditions

For patients who are dealing with back pain, trying to get through each day can feel impossible. When you’re unable to move without discomfort, you shouldn’t wait to seek care from our team at United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy. We are well versed in treating the common injuries and conditions that cause back pain, so you should feel confident working with our team. If you’d like to learn about how physical therapy Suffolk County can be used to get you back to full strength, consider contacting our team right away.


Common Back Issues

If you’re experiencing constant back pain, there is no shortage of issues that could be to blame. However, one of the main benefits of physical therapy Suffolk County is the range of ailments this practice can treat. That is why physical therapy is usually the first treatment physicians will recommend. Should any of the below be causing your back pain, our team will be able to provide assistance:

  • Sports injuries.

  • Muscular strains or imbalances.

  • Sciatica.

  • Postural problems.

  • Inflammation.


What Is Physical Therapy?

Those who have never undergone sessions of physical therapy Suffolk County before might be a bit hesitant to schedule an appointment with our staff. To ease your nerves, our team would like to break down what to expect. As an activity-based form of treatment, sessions of physical therapy will have patients performing a variety of therapeutic stretches and exercises which promote healing within the support tissues around the injured area. In addition to these exercises, patients can also expect the below:

  • Electronic muscle stimulation.

  • Heat and cold therapy.

  • Massage therapy.

Benefits Of Physical Therapy Suffolk County

As previously stated, one of the significant benefits of physical therapy is that it can be used to treat a wide range of issues. However, this form of healthcare is not held to one single benefit. Scheduling a session of physical therapy Suffolk County  can come with a variety of benefits, including some of the below:

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion.

  • Regained strength.

  • Potentially avoiding the need for surgery.

  • Mitigated chances of the injury or condition reoccurring.

  • Elimination of pain.

Contact Us

Don’t think that living with back pain needs to be a prolonged experience. When you work with our team at United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy, you’ll increase the chances of making a full recovery. To schedule your first appointment for physical therapy Suffolk County, contact our team today!

How Can Physical Therapy Help With Back Pain?

If you're unfortunate enough to deal with back pain, it's important to remember that you are not alone in this painful endeavor. Back pain is one of the leading reasons people seek medical care and miss work. Your back is your body's main structure of support, so an issue in this area can be debilitating. Fortunately, our team at United Rehab Hands-On Physical Therapy can help eliminate this pain. By coming to us for physical therapy Suffolk County , you can get back to being pain-free.

Common Causes Of Back Pain

The unfortunate truth about back pain is that it can strike at any time. However, recognizing what can cause this problem may help you avoid activities that aggravate the issue. At United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are well versed in the common causes of back pain. If you begin to feel the effects of any of the below, we may be able to help:

  • Muscle tightness or strains.

  • Herniated or ruptured disks.

  • Postural issues.

  • Arthritis.

  • Skeletal problems.

What Is Physical Therapy Suffolk County ?

Physical therapy is an activity-based form of treatment that utilizes therapeutic stretches and strengthening exercises to promote healing from within an affected area. When you visit our team for a session of physical therapy Suffolk County, the first step is to perform a full assessment of your current condition. Doing so allows our physical therapists to determine the level of physical activity your body can handle. Once this is done, they will begin to show you the exercises that will aid in your recovery.


Benefits Of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often at the top of many people's lists when it comes to treating issues such as back pain. This form of treatment brings many benefits for patients dealing with back pain. Examples of these benefits can be found below:

  • Regained strength.

  • Increased flexibility and range of motion.

  • Reduction of pain and inflammation.

  • Eliminating the need for surgery.

  • Mitigate the chances of re-injury.

Contact Us

If back pain has quickly drained your quality of life, physical therapy Suffolk County can be used to improve your condition. Our team at United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy is composed of expert physical therapists who can use their knowledge to get you back to being pain-free. For more information about our treatments and services, or to schedule an appointment for your back pain, contact us today!

Exercises to Prevent Back Injuries


From overdoing it at the gym to slouching at your desk, many everyday activities can lead to back pain and injuries. Regular exercise and stretching can help protect your back by improving flexibility and decreasing your risk of injury. At United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy, we provide patients with hands-on treatment to relieve their pain, restore function, and recover from injuries. Continue reading to learn some helpful exercises that can prevent back injuries.


Exercises to Prevent Back Injuries

While some back injuries are unavoidable, there are steps you can take to improve your spine health and lower your risk of becoming injured. A healthy back is more than just strong muscles. Your back muscles need to work together efficiently to stabilize your spine properly. Before beginning a new exercise program, it’s essential to consult with a physical therapist to ensure you are doing the appropriate exercises for your capabilities. Here are some helpful exercises you can perform to prevent back injuries:

Knee to Chest Stretch

Knee-to-chest stretches work to elongate the back, which can relieve pain and tension.

  1. Start by lying down on your back.

  2. Bend both knees while keeping both feet on the floor.

  3. Use your hands to pull one knee towards your chest. Hold your knee against your chest for a few seconds while keeping your core tight and pressing your spine into the floor.

  4. Lower your leg back down to the starting position, and repeat on the other side.

  5. Repeat with each leg three times twice a day.


Bridges are an excellent exercise for working the gluteus maximus. Keeping this muscle strong can help support your lower back.

  1. Line on your back and bend your knees. Make sure your feet are flat and hip-width apart.

  2. Drive your feet into the floor with your arms at your sides, and raise your hips and buttocks off of the ground until your body forms a straight line.

  3. With your shoulders on the floor, squeeze the buttocks.

  4. Lower your hips back down and rest. Repeat this exercise for fifteen repetitions.

  5. Perform three sets of fifteen repetitions.

Seated Lower Back Rotational Stretch

This stretch works the core muscles and strengthens the lower back, which relieves pain.

  1. Sit on a chair without arms with your feet flat on the floor.

  2. Twist your core to the right, keeping your spine tall and hips square.

  3. Place your hands behind your head to support the stretch.

  4. Hold this stretch for about ten seconds, then repeat on the left side.

  5. Repeat this exercise on each side three to five times twice a day.

Schedule Your Physical Therapy Session

There is no shortage of exercises you can do to prevent back pain and injuries. At United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy, our team can help you find the best activities and treatments to tackle your back pain so you can continue doing what you love. Contact us today to learn more!

Physical Therapy Suffolk County
Physical Therapy Suffolk County
Physical Therapy Suffolk County
Physical Therapy Suffolk County
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