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Physical Therapy  - Pain Management Therapies

The goal of Physical Therapy treatments is to resolve impairments (eg: pain, stiffness, weakness, muscle spasms, muscle tightness), improve functional ability (eg: ability to sit, stand, walk, reach, lift, carry, pull, push, daily activities, work activities, leisure activities) and prevent disability associated with your injury, illness or surgery.


At United Rehab we practice Hands on Physical Therapy to relieve your pain, restore your movement and renew your health. Our Physical Therapists have the professional expertise to evaluate and diagnose your problem and offer personalized care through individualized treatment plan, hands on treatments and compassionate care. We emphasize on the treatment of the cause of the problem not just the symptoms and utilize the latest evidence based techniques and treatments to get you back to your life.


Our Physical Therapy services can help relieve your pain and restore your movement, we offer the following services:


  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (TENS, IFT, EMS) to reduce pain, & muscle spasm.

  • Cryotherapy/Cold Compression Therapy (GAMEREADY) to reduce pain & inflammation.

  • Moist Heat to reduce pain, muscle spasm, & muscle tightness.

  • Ultrasound Therapy to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling, and promote healing.

  • Paraffin Wax Therapy to reduce pain and joint stiffness.

  • Cold Laser Therapy to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

  • DTS- Spinal Decompression Therapy for Neck Pain, Low back pain & Disc Herniations.

  • Manual Therapy - Myofascial Therapy, Soft Tissue Mobilization, & Joint Mobilizations.

  • Therapeutic Exercises - to improve your flexibility, movement, strength and coordination.

  • Postural Re-education to improve posture, balance, and gait.

  • Hand Therapy to improve hand function.

  • Balance Rehabilitation to improve balance, gait and reduce falls in elderly.


We also offer the following specialized services:


Pre & Post Surgical Rehab

Spinal Decompression & Spinal Rehab

Myofascial & Massage Therapy

Safe Steps - Fall Prevention & Rehabilitation program

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE's)

Home Visits

Fitness & Wellness


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