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United Rehab Physical Therapy P.C. is a owner/operated practice with office locations in Ronkonkoma, Commack and Farmingville. The practice was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide Quality, Consistent and Compassionate Physical Therapy services with Hands on therapy and One-on-One care to patients/clients in local communities. We have three convenient locations in Suffolk County to meet the needs of our patients and physicians that refer. As we continue to grow, we still foster the same core values of personalized treatment plans, one on one care and hands on therapy.


We specialize in Orthopedic Physical TherapyPre & Post surgical rehab , Myofascial Manual & Massage TherapyGeriatricsSports physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our licensed Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants are highly-trained and possess advanced skills in manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and balance rehabilitation. We offer the most advanced treatment services & follow clinical protocols that are based on best practices & evidence based research. We maintain effective communication and work as a team with physicians and surgeons to be partners in patient care.

Our Mission:

To improve the quality of  human life through physical therapy, physical rehabilitation & massage therapy.



Our Vision:

To be an innovative model practice in all aspects of Clinical Care, Education & Research and be Centers Of Rehabilitation Excellence (CORE) in the communities we serve.


Core Values:

  • Quality Care  with highly trained and licensed professionals.

  • Consistent Care with the same therapist and one-on-one treatments.

  • Compassionate Care with hands-on therapy, patient education and disability prevention.

  • Patient –Centered Approach with personalized treatment plan and rehabilitation with results.

  • Best Practices  with evidence-based treatments and ethical responsibility.

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What Is Manual Therapy?

Manual Therapy is a hands on therapeutic technique that incorporates massage, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial stretching, joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques to relive pain in joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments & help improve muscle/tendon/joint flexibility and function. 

Manual Therapy techniques have been proven to be effective Pain relief treatments in muscle, joint, back & neck  pain in both acute & chronic pain.

Manual Therapy techniques help achieve pain relief without the use of medications, injections or surgery.

At Hands on Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma, Commack & Farmingville we are essentially a Manual Therapy practice. We evaluate each patients condition individually to identify the sources of pain and offer a personalized treatment with one on one care and hands on therapy.

 Our Physical Therapists are highly trained and focus on Manual Therapy techniques to relive pain and restore movement of ligaments, muscles and joints.

Injuries Manual Therapy in Holbrook Can Treat
  • Headaches of Cervical Origin

  • Neck Pain/Stiffness-  Cervicalgia

  • TMJ Pain / disorders

  • Myofascial Trigger Points

  • Fibromyalgia / Myofascial Pain

  • Muscle Spams / Muscle Tightness

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  • Cervical Disc Disease / Degeneration

  • Cervical Radiculopathy

  • Shoulder Pain / Frozen Shoulder

  • Elbow Pain / Stiffness

  • Tennis Elbow / Golfers Elbow

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Wrist & Hand Pain / Stiffness

  • Thoracic Spine Pain & Stiffness

  • Low Back Pain / Stiffness

  • Lumbar Disc Disease / Degeneration

  • Sacroiliitis & SI Joint Dysfunction

  • Sciatica

  • Hip Pain / Stiffness / Arthritis

  • Knee Pain / Stiffness/ Arthritis

  • Ankle Pain / Stiffness / Arthritis

  • Plantar fasciitis / Heel Pain

Treating Soft Tissue Damage With Massage Therapy


When dealing with an injury, those of the soft tissue variety can be especially problematic. If you fail to receive the correct treatment, you will spend an extended amount of time in pain while also risking the injury worsening over time. Fortunately, here at United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy, we are well versed in treating this type of injury. Through the use of our Manual Therapy in Commack, patients can find the relief they have been searching for.


Types Of Soft Tissue Injuries


There are many different types of soft tissue damage that people are at risk of suffering every day. Understanding what they are will help you protect yourself against it and inform you when professional attention is needed for care. Should you find yourself dealing with any of the below issues and injuries, Manual Therapy in Commack may be able to help:


  • Strains.

  • Sprains.

  • Tears.

  • Contusions.

  • Tendonitis.

  • Bursitis.


Common Causes Of Soft Tissue Damage


Although our team is happy to provide patients with Manual Therapy in Commack to help with their soft tissue damage, we also understand that patients will have never faced this issue in the first place in an ideal situation. That is why we would like to pass along some of the most common causes of soft tissue damage a person can experience. By doing so, we hope patients will have a better chance of keeping themselves protected. Some of the most common causes include the below:


  • Repetitive overuse.

  • Over-extending the soft tissue.

  • Sudden falls or twists of your body parts.

  • Suffering from blunt force trauma.


How Can Manual Therapy in Commack Help


At United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy, we are committed to helping patients in any way we can. When it comes to soft tissue damage, Manual Therapy in Commack is often an effective treatment method. This form of care involves the use of manual therapy to manipulate the problematic tissues. Our therapists can increase blood circulation to the damaged area through these hands-on manipulations, promoting the necessary healing processes.  


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Don’t let soft tissue pain overtake your quality of life. If you want to learn more about how massager therapy in Commack can help improve your condition, be sure to contact our team at United Rehab Hands On Physical Therapy today.

Manual Therapy for Hip Problems

Manual therapy is a specific form of physical therapy that delivers a hands-on technique in contrast to using a machine. At United Rehab Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are highly trained and focus on manual therapy techniques to alleviate pain and restore ligament, muscle, and joint movements. Although generally associated with back pain, at our office, manual therapy in Ronkonkoma is also targeted at pain patients may be experiencing in their hips. 


Manual Therapy


Manual therapy is a hands-on therapeutic approach that incorporates massage, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial stretching, joint mobilization, and much more. These techniques have been a proven form of pain management without the use of medication. Manual therapy includes reestablishing mobility to stiff joints and diminishing muscle tension to allow the patient to move more naturally again without pain. Some techniques of manual therapy in Ronkonkoma for hip problems that we offer include:


  • Soft tissue mobilization is where the therapist would apply pressure to the body's soft tissue to the hip and lumbar spine. By doing this, muscles can relax, create an increase in circulation, break up scar tissue, and expedite pain.


  • Mobilization/manipulation: utilizes measured movements with fluctuations in speed, force, and distance to twist, pull, or push bones or joints into position. This allows tight tissues around a joint to loosen, minimize pain in a joint and tissue surrounding it, as well as improve flexibility and alignment.


Manual therapy for Hip Problems


Manual therapy in Ronkonkoma has trained physical therapists available to evaluate your movement patterns to decipher the cause of your pain. Since there is a connection between the lumbar spine and the hip, it's important to address any dysfunction in both areas. The lower back often contributes to pain patients experience in the hip region. Some of the hip problems that manual therapy can help include:


  • Hip Impingement- this is where a change in the shape of the surface of the hip joint occurs. This often leads to stiffness, pain, and damage of the tissue/bone. 

  • Arthritis-  which is an inflammation of the joint that worsens progressively over time.

  • Hip Bursitis- this is where small sacks of fluid between the tendons and bones in your hips prevent friction during movement.

  • Hip Dysplasia- can be either misalignment or deformation in the hip joint. This can either be a genetic condition or acquired from childhood as a result of confined seats or positions.


Manual Therapy in Ronkonkoma


Our team here at United Rehab Physical Therapy is known for our "hands-on therapy" approach. When it comes down to diagnosing and treating our patients, the best care and treatments must be provided, with a personalized plan and one-on-one care. For a non-invasive, medication-free treatment option, manual therapy in Ronkonkoma can help you achieve pain relief and improved mobility in your hips.


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If you are experiencing pain from hip problems, don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation. Let us help you get to the root of your pain, come up with a treatment plan, and improve your everyday life today!

Treatment Options for Patellofemoral Pain

As we know to know a healthy lifestyle is a way to go when keeping in shape, focusing on our mental health, and potentially living a longer life. But, often we get so caught up and forget the stress our bodies endure when over challenging ourselves and eventually our bodies give in to the pain. Many people who play sports or engage in activities involving running or jumping tend to suffer from “Runner’s Knee”. In medical terms, it is called Patellofemoral Pain, which is the pain in the front and around your knee there are many simple treatments but some require more attention and care from a physical therapy specialist. Come by Free Body Physical Therapy and get a personal consultation from Dr. Marc Gregory Gillian, a great knee specialist in Chicago.


What is patellofemoral pain?


Patellofemoral pain is known as the pain at the front of the knee and around the kneecap. It is very common when playing sports or interacting with high resistance activities. The pain usually causes a dull and aching pain. The pain symptoms often arise from:


  • Walking up for down the stairs 

  • Kneeling or squatting 

  • Sitting with bent knees for long periods


Experts are not entirely sure of what causes this condition but accumulate that it is caused by: 


  • Overdoing it while exercising

  • Muscle imbalances or weaknesses

  • Prior injuries

  • Post-surgery effects 

  • Weight


With a problem there always comes a solution and preventative measures:

  • Maintaining strength and keeping muscles balanced during activities 

  • Pay close attention to technique and flexibility training 

  • Loss of excess weight 

  • Warmup before any and every activity 

  • Stretch to promote flexibility and range of motion

  • Practice shoe smart- it is very important to have shoes that fit well and are durable 


How Can Our Knee Specialist in Chicago Help?

Free Body Physical Therapy is the place to be for all your questions, answers, and concerns. Since 2015, we have been breaking the model of traditional physical therapy practices and treating individuals with individuality and loving care. We understand that no two bodies respond or react in the same manner, So, therefore, no two programs should be the same. We cater specifically to the needs of the patients by taking a holistic approach when it comes to evaluating the root of the problem and its discomfort.  

Whether it be chronic pain, past injury, or post-surgical care. We are firm believers in working and understanding the entire body. Each area allows us to pinpoint the cause, come up with a course of action, and all while being beneficial to your entire body. Call us today and book the consultation you have been waiting for! You deserve the best and we are here to give you the best and highly trained knee specialist in Chicago!