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Injuries Manual Therapy Can Treat

Manual therapy offers numerous benefits to injuries relating to the musculoskeletal system. This system is made up of your body's muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Injuries to the musculoskeletal system can be caused by your work, sports, accidents, falls, and everyday activities such as working out cleaning, or lifting. As with all injuries, musculoskeletal injuries have a wide range of healing times and varying treatment techniques. In all cases, seeking medical help for an injury early on will help make the healing process more accessible while also increasing the likelihood of a full recovery.


What is Manual Therapy?


Manual therapy in Holbrook is a type of physical therapy that utilizes Manipulation of joints and muscles to relieve pain and promote faster recovery. United Rehab Physical Therapy has many years of experience dealing with injuries that would benefit from manual therapy as part of their treatment plan. Manual therapy can be done in-office and at home, depending on the injury you have. Standard Manual Therapy techniques include:

  • Kneading - a circular movement on the skin where bodily tissues are moved, compressed, and lifted to relax the tension and decrease pain,

  • Joint Manipulation - moving a joint within its normal range of motion to increase the joints mobility, release tension, and reduce pain,

  • Acupuncture - skinny needles are placed into the skin above the affected area, triggering the body to initiate the healing process.


While each person's injury is different, many individuals receiving manual Therapy in Holbrook benefit in many of the same ways. If you have pain in any joint or muscles, seek manual Therapy in Holbrook. Receiving care for an injury early will better your chances of making a full recovery. If you wait too long to have an injury looked at, you run the risk of making the injury worse and reducing the likelihood of having full use of the injured area.

Low Back Pain


Many patients come to our office with their primary complaint being back pain. There can be many causes of back pain, ranging from improper lifting at work to everyday activities such as getting out of bed, lifting groceries, or working out. United Rehab Physical Therapy offers manual Therapy in Holbrook for back pain, and we utilize soft tissue mobilization techniques to reduce pain, relieve tension, and maximize healing.


Shoulder Injury


An injury to the shoulder can be incredibly burdensome when engaging in simple, everyday activities. When using manual therapy to treat a shoulder injury, assuring a wide range of motion is essential. Manual therapy can relieve pain and reduce tension in the muscles around the area, which is often associated with shoulder injuries.


Ankle Injury


Ankle injuries can be complicated to deal with, so fast recovery is ideal. Common ankle injuries are sprains, fractures, and strains. Ankle mobilization will ensure that there is a full range of motion and also pain relief. If needed, a cast or splint might be used to keep the ankle from moving while it is healing before any ankle mobilization or manual Therapy in Holbrook.


Elbow Injury


An injury to your elbow can have a considerable impact on your everyday activities. Common elbow injuries include muscle strains, golf elbow, and tennis elbow. Elbow injuries can be caused by sports, working out, typing, handling groceries, and other everyday activities. Using manual therapy to treat elbow injuries can ensure your range of motion is back to normal and no further injury arises.

Contact Us For Manual Therapy in Holbrook


United Rehab Physical Therapy has many years of experience treating several different types of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries with manual Therapy in Holbrook. Our team of doctors will diagnose your condition or injury and then will develop a treatment plan specialized for each patient and their unique needs while maximizing pain relief and lowering healing times. If you believe you might have injured yourself or are experiencing unexpected pains, you should visit a physical therapist who offers manual Therapy in Holbrook. 

Benefits of Manual Therapy


There are numerous benefits to the treating of injuries with manual therapy, a major one being pain relief. Some other significant benefits include:

  • reduced risk of further injury - fixing the injury can strengthen the area, making further injury less likely,

  • Increased mobility - manual therapy can assist in expanding the range of motion of an injured area, allowing for increased mobility compared to an untreated injury.

  • Improved quality of life - being able to do things you usually do, such as cleaning, walking your dog, or working out, will contribute to a better quality of life.

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