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Fall Prevention

During the winter time, one of the easiest ways to get accidentally injured is by falling. The snow and ice can make it difficult to safely walk around and people are more prone to slipping on these slick surfaces, causing injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, and even head and brain injuries. You should always have a plan of action to prevent falling this winter. The weather should be a deciding factor in planning specific trips and, if possible, it’s always best to wait for walkways to clear up. If you need to go out when the weather is not prime, there should be a plan set in place in order to get there in a timely fashion. Usually, when people are running late and are in a hurry, they tend to slip and fall more often, so leave extra time so you can go slow.

Traveling the safest route is the best option when walking in icy conditions. You should always ask for help if needed and have someone assist you in crossing the street or while navigating icy paths. Another important tip is to wear the right shoes for the weather. Boots with good traction will be able to keep you sturdy while walking on slippery walkways and taking short, shuffling steps with flat feet will ensure stability.

To maintain balance, it is important to have your hands free at all times. Wearing gloves in order to keep your hands warm can replace putting your hands in your pockets. Carrying heavy loads can also set your balance off, so it is best to keep your hands free whenever possible. Lastly, if possible, it is essential to remove snow as quickly as possible. Keeping all of your walkways free of snow and ice as soon as you can will prevent buildup of ice patches that can lead to falling.

Prepare yourself for this winter with these tips and come to United Rehab Physical Therapy to learn more about fall prevention today!

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